Create the future of textile fashion! FLORE digital printing machine reappeared at ITCPE 2023

FLORA Digital Printing Machine Shines at ITCPE 2023

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Showcasing the latest masterpiece in digital printing equipment

Igniting the enthusiasm of the audience

Unleashing boundless brilliance in digital printing innovation!

The textile industry has always been an integral part of the global garment and printing industries. With the increasing demand for personalized and differentiated products, textile companies are facing new challenges and opportunities. To meet market demands, enhancing product quality and innovation capabilities have become crucial issues in the industry.

As a leading supplier of textile printing equipment, the FLORA brand is committed to providing customers with efficient and innovative solutions.

At the recent Guangzhou International Textile and Apparel Printing Industry Expo, FLORA actively catered to the diverse demands of the textile printing market by showcasing a wide range of digital printing equipment and professional solutions for different scenarios and needs. This drew significant attention from numerous industry professionals, resulting in a highly enthusiastic response.

                  FLORA T30S Digital Inkjet Printing Machine

The H9PRO series oval machine, launched by Guangzhou Chengding, perfectly complements the FLORA T30S digital inkjet printer, presenting viewers with a convenient and efficient workflow and exquisite printing results. 

Compared to traditional printing machines, the oval digital printing machine jointly introduced by Chengding and FLORA eliminates the complex color separation and plate-making process. It offers advantages such as minimal material consumption, low cost, short cycle, and minimal waste. It is highly suitable for the production needs of printing processing companies, especially for sampling, small-batch rapid production, and applications in the fast fashion industry.


FLORA F4 is the latest dye sublimation digital printing machine launched by Runtianzhi Company this spring.

It is equipped with high-precision Epson printheads and features a 6-color configuration. It offers high production capacity, fast speed, and personalized printing capabilities. With a maximum print width of 2000mm, this equipment supports various media. It not only minimizes material waste and requires low maintenance frequency but also boasts advantages in terms of environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness.

     FLORA F4 High-Speed Dye Sublimation Digital Printing Machine

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