The 2020 All in Print Exhibition ended successfully! FLORA J-330 embarks on a new journey!

With 687 exhibitors, nearly 70,000 and 120,000 visitors were invited to the 2020 All in Print Exhibition.

The FLORA J-330 label printing machine with high speed, high precision and high intelligence attracted the attention of many audiences when it was unveiled.

In the future, FLORA will firmly grasp the market demand, relying on its own strong research and development capability, core technology and production capacity, to bring customers the most cutting-edge new products, and the best cost, the latest technology, the greatest benefits!


                                                                                       ▲Flora Exhibition Site Crowded with People                                                    

                 ▲Flora exhibition site crowded with People                                                      ▲ FLORA booth receives highly attention

                 ▲ Professional explanation of  Flora J330 printer                                          ▲ Patiently answer customer questions


From single-channel to multi-channel, from 50m/min to 200m/min, from 600dpi to 1200dpi, FLORA has become more stable and deeper on the road of digital inkjet.


Until now, FLORA has spended a lot of resources on R&D and new products every year,obtaining more than 200 industry patents. FLORA adheres to the concept of creating value for customers all along, with a sincere attitude, leading products, and efficient services, to win the future with our partners.


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