Runtianzhi Deputy General Manager accepted an exclusive interview with Hongdong Media

Runtianzhi Deputy General Manager Sunny Yu accepted an exclusive interview with Hongdong Media:

The digital label printing market exists relative to the traditional label printing market. At present, the demand for labels of daily chemical washing, food and beverage, medicine and health care, wine labels and e-commerce logistics is increasing.

Traditional printing products are large in quantity and low in quality. With the improvement of people’s living standard, more and more personalized short orders enhance the requirements for label printing quality. The reduction in print volume forces printing companies to accelerate the upgrading of production factors and further reduce printing costs. The digital label market has emerged as the times require.


The high-efficiency, intelligent and environmental-friendly characteristics of digital printing means that it will occupy part of the existing traditional printing market, which is a supplement to that. Since the country advocates industrial upgrading and technological transformation, the development prospects of digital label printing are unanimously optimistic. 


Runtianzhi has been on the road of digital inkjet, step by step, unswervingly moving forward. Relying on a strong elite R&D team, Runtianzhi’s “Industry No. 1” is far ahead. The company has 112 patents, including 51 invention patents, 55 utility models, 6 designs, and 6 software copyrights (data as of December 2019). At present, Runtianzhi has established sales and service networks in more than 60 countries and regions around the world, using a powerful digital platform, with inkjet technology as the core, and establishing an ecological supply chain system.


Professionalism has created the strength. As the latest generation of digital label printers launched by Runtianzhi, FLORA J-330 require no plate making, and its preparation time is shorter. The machines integrates Multi-processes such as pretreatment, flexo printing, hot stamping, die cutting, waste discharge and so on, which realized the integrated automatic label production process from printing to post-printing.

 ▲ Ms. Yu Quan, Vice General Manager of Shenzhen Runtianzhi

An elegant and sensible business manager

From single-channel to multi-channel, from 50m/min to 200m/min, from 600dpi to 1200dpi, FLORA has become more stable and deeper on the road of digital inkjet.

Until now, FLORA has spended a lot of resources on R&D and new products every year,obtaining more than 200 industry patents. FLORA adheres to the concept of creating value for customers all along, with a sincere attitude, leading products, and efficient services, to win the future with our partners.

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