Flora SPT1800

Flora SPT1800

FLORA one pass textile printing system

Highly integrated printing system including feed-in unit, printing unit, drying unit and take-up unit

Printing speed up to 80m/min linear meter

Suitable for reactive ink , disperse ink , pigment ink  to support mutlple applications to different textiles

Pulling-type printhead unit design makes installation and maintenance easy

Smart man-free control system with minitor system through the whole production


Max Printing Width1730mm
Printhead TypeSAMBA
Printing Platform Height1050MM
Fabric TypeNatural fiber,Polyerter,Transfer paper
Ink TypeReactive,Acid,Disperse,Pigment
Power SupplyTriphase 380V,50Hz
Installed Power40Kw
Printing unit size(LxWxH)6600 X 4600 X 2850 (mm)
Printer Weight12000KG
Operation condictionTemperature:20-25;Humidity:45-55%
Total Weight3KG
Printing System(Color)6

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