Phone Case

UV Printer Solution in the Phone Case Field

You're in the right place for phone case printing machine. You're sure to find it in KINGT. Our printer has already helped lots of customers run their cell phone case printing business successfully. We are a professional uv printer manufacturer in Shenzhen, China.


Phone case printing machine is a new generation of high technology digital uv printing equipment without limitation of any material. Whether the material is plastic, leather or PVC, strong ink adhesion and bright color can be achieved. 

The latest phones look pretty cool – but they could look even better! In fact, your mobile case should be customised to reflect your own taste and personality. For print professionals, a phone case printing machine offers coveted customization to customers – and lets them showcase their creativity. Our cell phone case printer can boost your printing business by direct inkjet printing. With  the capability to produce amazing printing effects with excellent performance, it can greatly beautify your phone cases and decorate the smartphone.

A customised phone case is an all popular preference for mobile users of all ages. So the phone case printing business to sparkle as a highly lucrative opportunity. Boost Your Phone Case Printing Business Now! 

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