Looking ahead to the highlights of label printing, J-330 will be landing at the 2020 All in Print


Compared with the traditional label printing mode of long order and mass production, smaller and smaller order production puts forward higher requirements on production factors. Short cycle has become an important trend in the label printing industry and also meets the needs of fierce market competition.

Guided by the development of the current label market, Runtianzhi relies on strong R&D capabilities and perfect product service capabilities to launch the FLORA J-330 label digital printer that combines the latest digital inkjet technology. FLORA J-330 uses digital inkjet printing technology to eliminate the need for printing plates or cylinders, save plate making costs, print faster, and reduce environmental pollution. It is suitable for small batches, multiple varieties, personalized printing and variable digital printing, which is fully adapted to the urgent needs of printing companies and has unique scalability.


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