Label printer application solutions

Label printer application solutions


Labels are widely used in various industries as unique commodity attributes and identity marks, and are quite common in daily life and work, especially in products and industries such as cosmetics, electronic appliances, pharmaceuticals, daily necessities, food and beverages, supermarket retail and logistics, among which the demand for labels is particularly prominent in daily chemicals, food and medical.

As it can be customized according to user needs, flexible real-time editing and printing of different content, the emergence of label printers for the management of various industries has brought more convenient and efficient development.

Label printing machine has multiple functions, waterproof, scratch-resistant, oil-proof, can better adapt to high-temperature environments, and is resistant to dirt and durability. People are increasingly dependent on label printing equipment.

The high-performance digital label printer can process any type of packaging, can adapt to any film or paper substrate, and supports a wide range of printing substrates in the field of digital production, including synthetic materials and paper with a thickness of 12-450 microns.

Flora J-350PRO or Flora-330S are masterpieces of label printing machine, which further improves the flexibility of operations, equipment productivity, convenience of operation and printing quality.

Stable label printing equipment systems can help customers cope with the increasing demand for personalized and customized printing, and set up a complete digital printing production line, which is a cost-effective “ideal” choice for both printers who are expanding their production capacity and those who want to open a digital production line.

The latest label press_Flora Digital Label Printer Flora J-330S

The Flora J-330S is 340mm narrow web digital inkjet printer, which is high productive and cost-effective digital labels and flexible packaging solution.

Resolution:     600dpi/1200dpi

Max. Speed:   60m/min

Color Config: CMYK + white 

Print Width:   340mm








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