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UV Printer Machine Solution in the Glass Field

The digital uv glass printing machine is a flatbed printer designed with industrial printheads to jet UV curing inks directly onto glass surface. FLORA UV printers gives you flexible glass printing options letting you print onto glass items like plate glass, steel glass, and the art-glass or plexi glass, and add 3D textured effects with clear UV ink.

FLORA glass printer is specialized UV printing machine for industries, commercial purpose and gifts, crafts processing, home decorations.

Home decorations: ceramic tiles, individual furniture, backwall gound, cupboard, ceilings, home appliance panel…
Glass: art glass, glass partition, glass sliding door, glass background wall, frosted glass…

Architects and designers around the world are following the trend of using glass as a material of choice for their building projects. The environmental benefits are a factor, as are lower cost and increased design options.

FLORA UV glass printers can obviously improve production efficiency, suitable personalized customization and mass production. It adopts UV led curing technology in order that users directly print pictures on glass surface by glass UV Flatbed Printer. The easy operation save a lot of time for the customer, so the printer is not only applied to the moderin decoration sidling door, glass decorating, glass murals, glass sliding doors, glass desk, and so on, but also to the personalized decoration ,such as home decorations, office, KTV. And it can keep printing effect being long time brighter for both indoor and outdoor. For best primer results, it is strongly recommended that users test for adhesion to specific substrates prior to final production.

Selected FLORA uv flatbed printers include primer ink options and can print directly onto a broad range of glass products and substrates. From simple elements to intricate designs, Glass UV flatbed printer, you can now have an access to any kind of design. A machine for printing on glass can help you expand your product line and increase your profits.

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