FLORA Will Participate in Innovate Textile & Apparel Virtual Trade Show from Oct. 15-Oct. 30, 2020

With the effect of the Covid-19 crisis having a significant impact on the industry and ground exhibitions to a halt, FLORA (Shenzhen Runtianzhi Digital Equipment Co.,Ltd) is trying the best to get connected with global distributors and users.

Innovate Textile & Apparel virtual trade show, which is held by World Textile Information Network (WTiN) and and kicks off in two weeks’ time since Oct .15, 2020, is a great opportunity. It is important to regain the market vitality and, more important, confidence after such a long time depression, by the means of such activities.

FLORA prepared all new printer models and new developments in textile printing production line for for the show, including the high speed dye sublimation printer with EPSON head solution, wide format belt printer suitable for multiple fabric printing, T-shirt direct garment printer, and super speed one pass printing system, etc. Visitors can find FLORA from the booth link below or by keyword “FLORA” or “Shenzhen Runtianzhi Digital Equipment Co.,Ltd”.

Let’s have a first-hand look at the models FLORA will launch in this virtual show.

FLORA Dye Sublimation Printer TX2000EP

♦ Printing speed up to 620sqm/hr

♦ Applying EPSON S3200 printhead

♦ Advanced mechanical design

                FLORA 3.2m Wide Format Direct Printer

                   ♦ 320cm large format direct printing for both sublimation paper and fabric

                   ♦ Hi-resolution Kyocera printheads application

                   ♦ Feed-in, drying and take-up system all-in-one design

                FLORA Textile Belt Printer T260/T180S/T100

                   ♦ Industrial strengthened machine framework design

                   ♦ Linear motor high resolution printing

                   ♦ Upgraded winding, cleaning and take-up system

                FLORA One-pass Textile Printing System

                   ♦ Printing speed up to 80m/min

                   ♦ Hi-res grayscale printhead technology

                   ♦ Smart control and maintenance design

                 FLORA T-shirt digital printer oval machine

                   ♦ Applying Ricoh G5 printhead solution with professional color management

                   ♦ High-speed linear motor with THK guide rail

                   ♦ Upgraded mechanical design supports high-precision garment printing

Just like ground trade shows, it sets up two halls, technology hall and material hall, and dozens of industry categories in each hall, such as Drying/Tentering, Dyeing, Embroidery, Fibre & Yarn Production in technology hall, Apparel, Fabrics, Fibres, Chemicals & Dyestuffs, PPE, Smart textile in material hall. 

Exhibitiors include famous brands like Reggiani, MS, EPSON, RICOH, and high-quality manufacturers from China and other countries. This virtue show will be a great gathering of world textile information for all textile industry practitioners.


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