FLORA Genius Corrugated Packaging Printing Machine: 2023丨Unveiling of Single Pass Packaging Printer!

FLORA new Single Pass digital corrugated packaging printing machine Rhino 2500 made its debut at SinoCorrugated 2023, breaking the mold and reaching new heights! Diversified packaging application solutions are on display, and the FLORA SPC2500 Pro high-speed corrugated paper digital inkjet printer and FLORA C25h Pro scanning corrugated packaging digital printing machine are hot on the scene!

FLORA Rhino 2500 high-speed digital printing solution for corrugated packaging made a stunning debut at SinoCorrugated 2023, presenting visitors with a unique view of FLORA, making every effort to create a new generation of industrialized production tools, and opening up a whole new phase of corrugated paper packaging intelligence!

In recent years, the corrugated box market has shown tremendous vitality and potential, and digital transformation has accelerated the development of the printing and packaging industry. In response to market demand, RTZ has successively launched a series of high-caliber digital printing equipment. The latest masterpiece, the FLORA Rhino 2500 high-speed digital  corrugated packaging printing machine, is customized for industrial-scale production and attracted a lot of attention when it first appeared at the booth. Both the simple exterior design and the strong capacity output were recognized and appreciated by professional visitors.

FLORA Rhino 2500 equipped with Epson S3200 industrial-grade on-demand inkjet piezoelectric printheads, the highest resolution of up to 1200 * 600dpi, the highest stable printing speed of 90m/min, suitable for 805mm-1610mm, the thickness of 1.5-15mm of the surface of the cardboard, yellow and white card, building materials and other materials such as corrugated cardboard, printing media compatibility, application of a wide range of more It is widely compatible with printing media and has a wider range of applications, and meets the needs for high-quality printing, such as small batch, short delivery, multiple varieties, and personalization.

The launch of FLORA’s new high-speed digital corrugated packaging printing machine provides packaging companies with high-quality corrugated packaging printing solutions, realizing a balance between cost and efficiency, while focusing on environmental protection and convenience. It further promotes the application of digital printing in the packaging field, provides users with a broader space for development, improves productivity and printing quality, meets changing market demands and consumer expectations!

corrugated packaging printing machine
corrugated packaging printing machine
Floraprinter Advanced digital printer manufacturer RTZ’s products cover all major digital printing fields, such as UV printing, textile printing, package printing, ceramic printing, label printing, etc

With the advent of the Industry 4.0 era, consumers’ pursuit of environmentally friendly packaging and customized products has driven the corrugated packaging industry toward sustainability, customization, digitalization and innovation to adapt to changing market demands and meet consumer expectations. At the 2023 SinoCorrugated ExhibitionFLORA SPC2500 Pro corrugated paper digital inkjet printing machine was highly praised for its excellent performance and innovative solutions.

This FLORA highly sophisticated digital printing equipment for large-scale industrial production takes into account the current market demand for customization, short cycle time and other personalization, and provides corrugated packaging printing companies with a high-end corrugated packaging printing solution that can meet the demands for productivity and brand upgrading at the same time by breaking through the upper limit of productivity.

Adopting Single-pass high-speed inkjet printing technology, the FLORA SPC2500 Pro  digital corrugated packaging printing machine is equipped with industrial-grade on-demand piezo printheads, supports CMYK four-color printing mode, and has a maximum printing width of 2150mm, with a printing accuracy of 1200dpi and a printing speed of 150m per minute. In addition, the equipment can be linked with the pre-coating unit, drying unit and slotting system to reduce manual operation and realize efficient production and cost reduction. It is a first-class equipment in the current field of inkjet printing for corrugated packaging, highlighting RTZ’s leading strength in core technological innovation!

Floraprinter Advanced digital printer manufacturer RTZ’s products cover all major digital printing fields, such as UV printing, textile printing, package printing, ceramic printing, label printing, etc
Floraprinter Advanced digital printer manufacturer RTZ’s products cover all major digital printing fields, such as UV printing, textile printing, package printing, ceramic printing, label printing, etc

Presented at SinoCorrugated 2023 – FLORA C25h Pro scanning corrugated digital printer has become a highly sought-after production application solution in the packaging industry with its maximum output of 1,200 m² per hour and its ability to adjust the configuration of system modules according to capacity needs, making production for different orders possible, helping packaging manufacturers eliminate manufacturing bottlenecks and create more profit opportunities.

FLORA C25h Pro is equipped with Epson S3200 printhead, ALL MEMS (micro-electromechanical system) manufacturing process, the use of thin-film piezoelectric originals to enable high-precision arrangement of the spray holes, so that the details of the picture is clearer and the transition of the color is smoother. The FLORA C25h Pro is not only a step ahead in printhead technology, but can also be applied to a wide range of materials. It can be applied to materials such as laminated cardboard, yellow and white card, and corrugated board for building materials with a maximum width of 2,500mm and a thickness of 1.5-20mm, making it an ideal choice for most packaging processors.

With its exquisite technology and extraordinary performance, the FLORA C25h Pro brings a new intelligent innovation to the corrugated packaging printing industry, further improving production efficiency and quality and truly realizing industrial-grade packaging productivity.


Industry 4.0 era, the deep integration of industrialization and information technology, intelligent manufacturing has become a new driving force for the development of the packaging industry. In this context, digital printing adds unlimited possibilities for industrial manufacturing. As an industry leader, RTZ will be based on the forefront of the times, adhere to the concept of creating value for customers, and is committed to promoting the accelerated development of traditional manufacturing towards digitalization, intelligence, and greening, and leading the continuous development of inkjet printing technology in China!

We know that the new application of digital printing technology will bring a great transformation to the packaging industry. RTZ will take advanced inkjet printing technology as the core to provide customers with efficient, accurate and personalized solutions, and is committed to promoting the innovation and upgrading of the packaging industry, and actively responding to the concept of environmental protection to promote the development of green packaging.

RTZ will continue to plumb the depths of the digital printing field, insist on creating greater value for customers, and work with partners to build a digital, intelligent future!

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