Exclusively for TSCI 2020 : FLORA exhibited the hugely popular high-speed direct-injection printer

On December 22, 2020, TSCI 2020 Shanghai Textile Supply Chain Industry Expo was successfully held. In the afternoon, the TSCI Organizing Committee invited Zhang Kan, the editor-in-chief of the printing agency, and Xiao I, the host, to interview the East China exclusive general agent of Shenzhen Runtianzhi Digital Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as FLORA) in a live broadcast!

Exclusively for TSCI 2020 : FLORA exhibited the hugely popular high-speed direct-injection printer

According to Mr. Cui, at the TSCI 2020 exhibition, FLORA showed everyone the TX2000EP high-speed direct-injection printing machine with Epson’s latest S3200 print head and the T160 textile digital printing machine with 8-head Kyocera head.

Exclusively for TSCI 2020 : FLORA exhibited the hugely popular high-speed direct-injection printer

The TX2000EP high-speed direct-injection printing machine adopts the structure of 8 Epson S3200 nozzles. This print head is Epson’s latest print head, with an internal circulation system and a silicon crystal surface with 3,200 holes. Therefore, the print head will have higher fineness during printing, and there will be no wire drawing, especially suitable for some high-density fabrics.

The TX2000EP machine has an actual printing width of two meters. The biggest highlight of this machine is that it can still reach 700 square meters per hour on the premise of reaching a two-meter width. In addition, this machine uses a magnetic levitation guide linear motor, so it is very solid, and the whole machine does not shake or vibrate during the entire operation.

Another advantage of TX2000EP is the winding and unwinding system at the back of the equipment. The entire paper is used at the back of the equipment, which can hold the largest roll-17,000 meters and 1.2 tons of paper. Mr. Cui said that 31 grams of paper was printed on site. The winding can reach about 2000 meters, which can be neat or compact, which means that the scrap rate will be reduced to a minimum during the subsequent transfer. For industrial digital printing machines, whether the rewinding and unwinding are excellent is a decisive factor for the ease of use of a machine.

Mr. Cui revealed that the TX2000EP high-speed direct-injection printing machine has sold nearly 100 units since its launch in October last year, and customer feedback is also very good. Customers who bought this machine in the early stage have a 100% rebate. Many customers will repeat the purchase after about a month, even exceeding FLORA’s expectations for it. Therefore, this exhibition will mainly promote this machine. In the future, 2.6-meter and 3.2-meter wide-format printing models will also be launched one after another, mainly used in home furnishings and home textiles!

Exclusively for TSCI 2020 : FLORA exhibited the hugely popular high-speed direct-injection printer

The T160 textile digital printing machine uses Kyocera print heads with two colors on one head. Currently, it uses dual eight-color printing. The maximum printing speed is 280 square meters per hour. Although the speed is not as fast as TX2000EP, the print quality is very high. Mr. Cui said: ‘At present, direct injection has not been widely promoted. The customer group in the entire market is relatively small. This machine is a medium-speed machine, so the main product is simple and practical, which can be regarded as a medium entry-level product.’ At the exhibition site, the machine mainly displays active solutions, but its direct injection, high-temperature dispersion, acidity, and paint are all applicable.

Exclusively for TSCI 2020 : FLORA exhibited the hugely popular high-speed direct-injection printer

As we all know, when the digital printing industry just started, it was basically receiving orders that were not received by gravure or paper printing factories, that is, some small-batch orders similar to proofing orders would go to digital printing. However, in the past two years, with the renewal of equipment, the pressure of environmental protection has increased. For example, there have been requirements for power saving in the recent period. More and larger orders are gradually being pushed to digital printing.

Mr. Cui said that the previous machine could not do gravure work because it could not meet the needs of customers, but now the equipment in the digital printing industry is comparable to gravure. The cost of an intaglio line needs 800,000 to 1 million, but the price of a digital printing machine from FLORA is only more than 400,000, and the price of printing paper is also the same as that of intaglio. In terms of production capacity, the TX2000EP printing machine can produce 5000 meters even on the hardest first day. If it is a light-colored image, the machine can achieve more than 10,000 meters a day, basically the same as gravure. In addition, the machine occupies a small area and saves electricity. The main electrical components used in the whole machine are imported with original packaging. The maximum power is only 17 kilowatts. It is also a water-based dye, so there is no need to face many environmental issues. Another advantage is that there is very little human intervention in the operation of the equipment, in other words the labor cost of the factory floor is also reduced.

In the end, the digital printing equipment is simple and convenient to operate, and solves the three most headaches of printing factory owners, namely, plant problems, environmental protection problems, and labor costs.

Exclusively for TSCI 2020 : FLORA exhibited the hugely popular high-speed direct-injection printer

Mr. Cui said that since the first year of TSCI, he has supported participating in our exhibition every year. The development of an industry requires factories, users, and all the power to promote the development of this industry. Each of us is a helper in this industry. We also wish the TSCI exhibition better and better, and hope that more people will pay attention to the digital printing industry and TSCI Shanghai International Textile Supply Chain Industry Expo.

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