Corrugated Printer Application Solutions

Corrugated Printer Application Solutions

✔✔✔Make packaging the highlight of your product too!!

As e-commerce continues to grow, the express logistics market expands, and the number of parcels grows dramatically, the resulting demand and opportunities for packaging increase rapidly, and the growth of digital printing solutions applied to corrugated paper is remarkable.

Corrugated paper is relatively inexpensive and durable compared to other packaging materials, and it is also environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. It can meet the multifaceted needs of consumers and businesses for packaging materials, and corrugated paper printers can be used to personalize packaging through printing and other means, making it more beautiful in appearance and enhancing the value of goods and brand image.

Corrugated packaging printing is a proven way to expand market awareness. It has a wide range of applications: craft gift boxes, wine boxes, gift tote boxes, product window boxes, tea boxes, etc., and the direct implementation of your advertising ideas and cultural communication on corrugated paper has fast and effective results!

The conventional flexographic printing corrugated carton process is to print directly on the corrugated board, using water-based inks, and inkjet printing is the preferred digital printing technology.

The performance of corrugated paper printing equipment has a direct impact on the quality of the corrugated paper products produced, so be more careful when selecting corrugated paper printing equipment.High-quality corrugated printing equipment not only produces good quality products, but is also more convenient to operate. For example, the operation of the solenoid valve ink press and cleaning system is more concise and can manually reduce the waste of ink caused by the operation.

Why We choose Flora C25h Pro Scanning Corrugated Board Digital Printer?

➤ Standard 4-color printing, (UV optional white)

➤ With grayscale printhead, ink droplets from 6-18pl

➤  Maximum print resolution up to 726x1440dpi

➤ Standard equipped with automatic paper feeding unit, saving labor and higher capacity

  Optional automatic paper take-up system, integrated to save more time and effort

➤ Applications include coated paper, laminated paper, yellow and white cardboard, corrugated board, etc.


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