Corrugated paper printing innovation, FLORA corrugated digital inkjet printer attract attention

Corrugated paper printing innovation✧
FLORA corrugated digital inkjet printer attracts attention

Thanks to the booming Internet business, the demand for corrugated board printing has exploded in recent years.

In order to fully adapt to the high-quality packaging requirements of e-commerce, logistics, fast-moving consumer goods and retail industries.

FLORA Corrugated Digital Inkjet Printer SPC-1800 has been optimized in terms of key aspects with expansion of color gamut, printing accuracy, printing speed, and a fully automatic intelligent control system which is based on single-pass printing technology.

It is an industrial-grade digital inkjet printer specially developed for various carton and corrugated display applications.

And it is suitable for all kinds of coated cardboard, liner cardboard, yellow and white cardboard, corrugated board for building materials, etc.


People’s interest in digital production of packaging applications is increasing.

The large-scale application of digital inkjet technology has made corrugated cardboard a new market orientation.

Compared with folding carton or flexible packaging production, it has shown greater vitality and promoted the innovation and upgrading of the corrugated industry.

FLORA Corrugated Digital Inkjet Printer SPC-1800 was born in response to the trend.

The equipment has a simple appearance, strong sense of technology, humanized design and easy operation. 

In terms of production speed, printing quantity, and material handling options, it perfectly responds to the ever-changing and changing market challenges.

The corrugated paper digital inkjet printer has broken through the shackles of traditional printing and is bound to lead a new round of digital printing market expansion!

From single-channel to multi-channel, from 50m/min to 200m/min, from 600dpi to 1200dpi, FLORA has become more stable and deeper on the road of digital inkjet.

Until now, FLORA has spended a lot of resources on R&D and new products every year,obtaining more than 200 industry patents. 

FLORA adheres to the concept of creating value for customers all along, with a sincere attitude, leading products, and efficient services, to win the future with our partners.


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