Flora T260
Flora T260
Flora T260
Flora T260

FLORA Textile Digital Printer

Using industrial grayscale printhead to achieve 4-level gray printing

Advanced industrial level solid framework design, stable and endurable

Uograded feed-in, belt and take-up system

Large format belt printing table up to 260cm

Equipped with 4-row carraige with linear motor to support fast productivity and high precision

Applicable to multiple ink solutions, suitable to various fabric

Smart printing control software system and machine maintenance system

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Data sheet
Printheads16-32 Kyocera Printheads or 16-32 SG1024 Printheads

32 SG102432 SG1024
Draft mode300 ㎡/h600 ㎡/h
Standard mode210 ㎡/h440 ㎡/h
Accuracy mode160 ㎡/h330 ㎡/h
Print resolutionUp to 400*1600 dpiUp to 400*1800 dpi
Ink typeDye sublimation ink, reactive ink, disperse ink, acid inks, pigment ink
Colors4-8 Colors
Inkjet Technology

Piezoelectric inkjeGrayscale Technology

Rip softwareNeoStampa, Photoprint, ErgoSoft for option
PC requirementI7-3770 CPU 16GB RAM
Operating SystemWindows7 and above
File formatTIFF, JPEG, Postscript, EPS, PDF, etc
Material loadingPinch roller/safe clap
Material specificationUp to 260cm wide, with a roll diameter 120cm(optional instrument)

Data transmission3.0 USB
Printer size6200×4100×2200 mm
Package size6800×4700×2800 mm

Net weight6000kg

Relative humidity50%-70% , non-condensing 

RequirementsSystem 380V,50/60Hz System 30kW, Heating 27kW

Warranty periodOne year (please consult your local dealer for details)


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