Flora J-330
Flora J-330

The Flora J-330 is 340mm narrow web digital inkjet printer, which is high productive and cost-effective digital labels and flexible packaging solution.

Resolution:     600dpi/1200dpi

Max. Speed:   75m/min

Color Config: CMYK + white + violet, orange (options)

Print Width:   330mm

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Print Technology
PH technology Piezoelectric inkjet technology(DOD), 600dpi, 3pl
Print Resduction1200dpi x 600dpi
Ink typeUV ink
Color optionStandard  CMYK, support dual white
Deserve two spot channels for upgrade(Violet, Orange) 
Ink tank configuration5 L / C
Media Handle
Material feedingServo drive control system, adjustable tension system
Max.unwind roll ODMedia roll OD: 1000mm, with core 76mm(3' air shaft)
Max. wind roll ODMedia roll OD: 1000mm, with core 76mm(3' air shaft)
Max. media width320mm
Other Systems

Web cleaning, web guide, corona system, anti-static bar, support flexo unit extension
Data interface/RIP
Data interfaceUSB 3.0
RIP softwareGIS Atlas professional, Onyx, open for third part ripping


Set up space5385x4344x2393mm
Installation Condition
Condition20℃-30℃, 30%-70%, non condensation
Best condition22.5℃-27.5℃, 45%-65%, non condensation
Power supply

Main print unit: 380VAC, 3L+N+PE, 50/60Hz, 38Kw

Compress air6 - 8 bar

 - Single pass technology, LED technology, industrial piezo inkjet technology

 - 4 level grayscale from 3pl, native resolution 600dpi

 - Standard CMYK configuration with Violet and Orange optional

 - Support dual white print

 - Up to 75m/min

 - Substrate size up to 340mm, with 320mm print width

 - Inline corona system, web guard, web cleaning, static ion bar etc

 - Support VDP print

 - Automatic cleaning system

High chroma, upgraded in field

- standard CMYK, reduction of natural color

- Violet and orange optional, delivery much wier color gamut

High resolution & High speed

- High reolustion: 3.5pl drop size, ative resolution 600dpi

- High speed: 75m/min @ express mode, 50m/min @ product mode

High integration & High intelligence

- Integrated intelligent design, one person to run the printer

- One button maintanance system

UV ink, Dual curing system

- Low igration inks, bright color, fit for wide range of material

- Led pinning system, make print quality much higher

- Uv final curing system guarrant good adhension

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