Flora TX2000EP
Flora TX2000EP
Flora TX2000EP
Flora TX2000EP
Flora TX2000EP

Flora TX2000EP is a supper fast dye sublimation printer

Equipped with grayscale inkjet head with high resolution and great color performance

Linear motor impriving high productivity up to 600sqm/hr

Applicable to 38g thin heat transfer paper

Strengthened feed-in system support 12000m paper roller

Smart man-free operation system used

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Dye Sublimation Printer TX2000EP

*Supporting multiple printing modes, fast adapting to different heat transfer papers from3 38g to 120g, no need to adjust parameters repeatedly.

*linear motor(maglev guiderailers) is applied in X axis to ensure high resolution,  stability, and fast carriage moving speed.

*PLC and touch panel interface are applied to enable a more stable, convenient and humanized system.

*Auto ink-wipe and pause when paper runs out, man-free operation.  

*Hi-precision reduce gears and transmission shaft are applied to make sure a high precise and stable stepping.

*Heating system stops automatically while carriage is printing.

* Multiple rollers are applied in feed-in and take-up stytem to improve paper takeup aligning, and elimiate paper wrinkles. 

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