Flora C25h
Flora C25h
Flora C25h
Flora C25h

Flora C25h is industrial corrugated scanning printer, which delivery high quality and high speed.

Optimal choice for short and medium runs.

Resolution:     up to 726dpi

Max. Speed:    617sqm/hr

Color Config:  4C,White(UV ink optional)

Print Width:    2500mm

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Print Head Technology

PrintheadPiezoelectric printhead, variable drop size from 6pl to 18pl
Ink TypeWater based ink/UV led ink
Color ConfigurationStandard CMYK
Ink Cartridge Capacity2.5L/color
Media Handle
Max. Size2500x1200mm(Auto feeder);2500x2500mm(Manually)
Substrate thickness≤15mm(Printer support media thickness < 50mm)
Feeder & Stacker
Auto feeder400mm-2500mm
Auto stacker<2500mm, (Optional config)
Rip/Data interface
RIPPhotoprint 12, open for third part RIP
Data interfaceUSB 3.0
Dimension & Weight
Operation Condition
Power system380VAC, 3L+N+PE, 50/60HZ, 6kw
220VAC, single phase, 50/60HZ, 5.5KW
External Air>5 bar, dry and clean air
Environment Temperature20-30℃
Relative Humidity40%-70%, non-condensing

*The above technical specification is subject to actual sales. The content is subject to change without prior notice. Runtianzhi Digital Equipment Co.Ltd reserves the right to the final explaination of above information

Drawable inkjet unit: 

The inkjet unit can be pushed and pulled back accurately, which is easy to operate, convenient to maintain, and requires no calibration for repeated positioning. Electronic detection in place, safe and reliable.

The nozzle is precisely adjusted: 

The unit is precisely adjusted through the micrometer head to ensure more accurate printing.

Imported Conveying System: 

The imported air-suction conveying belt with holes guarantees that the thin and light printing medium is firmly and flatly adsorbed on the conveying belt to ensure the printing accuracy.

Adjustable flexible feed rollers: 

Three adjustable sun-wheel rollers, suitable for both thick and thin materials, to ensure stable feeding without hurting the material.

Static elimination system: 

High-pressure ion wind rod removes static electricity on the surface of the printing medium to ensure the accuracy of the nozzle ejection and improve the image quality.

Automatic cleaning system: 

Non-contact independent nozzle automatic cleaning system, supports manual / automatic cleaning, vacuum suction nozzle surface and bottom of the bottom of the ink hanging.

Multi-line printing: 

One machine can produce two line products with different specifications at the same time without interference.

Software system: 

Multiple printing modes and multiple production tasks can be quickly switched. Hole plugging compensation technology can quickly repair the nozzle plugging cable.

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