Waste paper has become a "fragrant tea", and the carton recycling price has risen to 1.1 yuan

Since the purchase price of waste paper rose to a high level last year, although there have been ups and downs, compared with the first half of last year, the current price is still higher. This once again attracted the attention of media outside the industry. Some media have even directly reported that the waste paper has become 'Xiangxiang' and that 'Trash King' is back.

The purchase price of waste paper in Changsha has risen again, the highest has risen to 1.1 yuan / catty

  On August 15, two electric tricycles filled with cardboard and empty bottles outside a waste recycling shop in Pengjiajing Lane, Kaifu District, Changsha. Ms. Huang, the owner of the waste shop, said: 'The price of waste paper is higher than before, and everyone's awareness of environmental protection has also increased. It has been more than ten years since the store opened, and now more and more people sell waste paper.'

  Ms. Tang, owner of another waste recycling store in Kaifu District, Changsha City, also said: 'The current purchase price of corrugated cardboard boxes packaged by express delivery is 8 cents a catty. The price of two or three cents is still several times more than that. '

  In the unknown waste purchase station near the Chenjiadu Farmers Market, the purchase price of corrugated boxes has reached 1.1 yuan per catty.



Various factors are favorable for the price of waste paper, and it may continue to rise in the later stage

  Perhaps because the price of waste paper has remained high in the past two years, the number of waste recycling stores has also increased. According to incomplete statistics, within one kilometer near the lotus pond alley, there are 6 waste purchase shops similar to the waste recycling shop opened by Ms. Tang.

According to industry sources, the increase in the price of waste paper is closely related to the rising demand for domestic orders, in addition to the 25% tariff that will be imposed on imported US waste paper at the end of the month, and the corresponding manufacturers will start to stock up. As Mid-Autumn Festival approaches, orders for various types of mooncake packaging gift boxes continue to increase, and market demand is strong. This has also caused prices to rise in response to demand.

  In addition, since the “environmental protection storm” started in China, many paper mills that do not meet environmental protection standards have been shut down, which has also indirectly led to the paper market ’s psychological expectations of rising market prices.

(Source: China Packaging and Printing Industry Network)

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